Robin Sets the Stage



Robin Alley did an excellent job staging my listed property.  While she was doing her initial assessment, I received a phone call for a showing in 1 hour.  I panicked.  I wasn’t ready!  Without hesitation, Robin transformed my home in that short amount of time.  I was so amazed and happy.  Robin was professional, hard working and very creative.  

I had a realtor tell me that he hasn’t seen a house show so well in many years.  Every realtor complimented on how well my home showed.  I received multiple offers on my home within the first week after her staging. 

I would recommend Robin’s services without hesitation to anyone who wants a new look or wants to maximize the profit on the sale of their home.           –Jen 


I would highly recommend Robin as a stager as well as helping with decluttering. My kitchen cabinets had become 10 years of disorganization and chaos. It was something that was so overwhelming I just didn’t want to deal with it or address it. 

Robin came to my home in a very focused manner and in just a few hours she turned years of clutter and wasted space into an efficient, well organized and attractive area.  It felt so great to open my kitchen drawers and cabinets and have everything totally organized.  This has made cooking for me such an easier and more enjoyable experience. Over a year later, the organization has remained the same and looks exactly like it did the day she organized. She was a huge help for something I just couldn’t seem to find the motivation to work on or resolve. 

Additionally, she took furniture, accessories, and art work I already owned and re-arranged them to give several areas of  my home a ‘new’ spruced-up, more attractive look.  I like her philosophy of ‘mixing not matching’, which really gives an eclectic approach to decorating and staging. It’s through her unique creativity and keen eye for decorating that she was able to transform several spaces of my home into a warm and inviting feel. She is definitely worth the time and money. 


I am a Realtor and I hired Robin to stage a vacant condo I had as a listing in Macomb County. The vacant condo had a small number of showings. Robin came in and staged the condo, and I immediately had increased activity on the listing!!! I was so excited! I am happy to say the condo sold! This made me a believer in staging and I will definitely hire Robin again. I recommend Robin’s services to any agent or to anyone trying to reorganize their own home! Thank you Robin!
~Karen (Real Estate One)

Robin Sets the Stage